Living in a Whirling Dervish

What a ride… Recently I was with a wonderful group of people and we were asked if any of us were feeling the extreme emotional energy swirling around the universe lately. Instantly it all came rushing up and out of me. I realized vividly that I had been living inside a huge whirling dervish for the past few weeks and I didn’t like it AT ALL.

Being a person that prefers peace and love in the universe, I tried to reach out of myself to calm the swirling energy. I found myself being caught up in it. Pulling back from it was becoming more and more difficult each time I tried to settle the outside world. I seemed to be forgetting the simple principles that I thought had become second nature to me. God-Self-Others. How could this be? It’s such a simple principle.

Is it possible that I could be so egoic as to think I could single-handedly calm the world? Well that was certainly a kick in my heart. And I thought I was humble.

It is always about staying within and realizing there is only God. After all, I created the whirling dervish, no one else did. And that is why when I reach into it … away I go…

Lesson of the day for Dosi… remain One with God and stop looking outside as there is nothing else. The lessons never end. And that’s okay. I love my life.

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  1. Vicky

    You continue inching your way into perfection like so many of us. You have come such a long way in less than a decade. Rejoice and keep moving into the light. You have others right there beside you, taking that little inch forward trying to become what Spirit wants for us. Wonderful way to spend our life knowing perfection is waiting for us all.



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