Stepping into the ‘real’ world (outside of Sedona) always seems a little strange for the first few days. Outside of what is more commonly known as a spiritual community can be a little like culture shock at first. Surprisingly, the shock was minimal during my recent trip. And now I find myself ‘tracking’ why I’m not upset. How funny is that?

Not funny, ha ha, but funny, good. Previously, I would return to Sedona from my ‘out in the real world trip’ then retreat into myself for quiet meditation and refilling of positive energy. The truth is, I simply was not seeing the beauty and light in all that was throughout the countryside. I was releasing darkness that was holding on for dear life and waiting for the right moment to leap out and surprise me. By letting me think it was other people’s issues, I was convincing myself that I was separate from them.

What is amazing to me is that as long as I was in Sedona it didn’t seem to be a problem to know that we were all ONE. So… reminder to self… this Truth isn’t arbitrary… it is absolute all the time.

When I opened my heart and surrendered to God several years ago, my intent was not to live in a safe bubble. Surrendering to God made it possible to live free and know the Truth of my Oneness at all times, not just when it was convenient or comfortable.

I am very pleased to recognize that this trip (that has been several weeks through several states) has been eye-opening. The beautiful souls I have met and experienced have touched my heart. And they are the same souls I have seen time and again during other trips, I simply did not ‘see’ them before.

I am extremely grateful for the Divine Mother’s guidance helping me to see the light in all around me. When I stop and ask, She is always with me. I am so blessed. I love my life.

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