Light or Dark … It’s Your Choice

What an amazing time of year it is. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet new people with a variety of spiritual views. The beauty is that each view brought everyone back to the same conclusion, there is One Source.

If there is only God, One Source (and there is) and this God is perfection (and It is) and we were made in His likeness (and we were) then we are pure Light. And here is the point, there is only Light. So, if you are under the impression there is light and dark please rethink this theory. There can only be darkness if you close your heart. And to close your heart, you have shut out God. He is still there… the door has simply shut Him and the Light out. They not gone.

Recently I was told there is light and darkness in the world and I simply said, “Open your heart.”

Because we are depressed does not mean the situation that we allowed to put us there cannot be fixed. We shut the door, we can open it again.

I chose the darkness once and I chose again. I now live in the Light. Do you? You can. Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel IS NOT a train, it is YOU. Be the Light. Be the Love. It’s Your Choice.

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