I have heard about ‘energy vampires’ and have silently smirked to myself thinking, let them try. After all, who would dare attempt to suck the energy out of me? I am a strong willed woman by all accounts and could not conceive of being weak enough to allow anyone into my energetic space.

Living in a renowned spiritual location, we are known to attract many types of gurus, healers, psychic etc. Along with this comes your assorted varieties of tricksters and carnies that profess all types of miracle cures. Sad but true, and so naive people are easily taken advantage, some are seriously emotionally damaged by what are called ‘energy vampires’.

Surprisingly, I believe I came across one and they may have actually attempted to what people call ‘jump me’. That is, invade my subconcious by mind control. For a couple of nights my dreams were invaded by this person’s name and face and suggestions of evil doings. It was rather confusing to me as I had never considered this person before and certainly never had thoughts like that. It then occurred to me that after joking with a friend that they wouldn’t dare try to ‘jump me’, I had actually dared this person to actually do so. It was a humbling experience for me and I realized I had let my guard down.

I am relaying this account to share how easy it is to be susceptible to unwanted and unholy energies. Once I acknowledged what had happened, I called upon the Divine Mother, Jesus Christ and my guide Metatron to surround, protect and guide me as I released all that did not serve me into the Universe. I told all negative energies within me that were not holy they were not welcome and must leave immediately as I am a Child of God and release all that is not holy from my body and Soul and Spirit. I repeated this for quite some time and expressed my gratitude to the Divine Mother, my brother Jesus Christ and my guide Metatron for their guidance. When I woke in the morning I was refreshed. Each night I continue my ritual of welcoming in the Divine Mother and releasing all that does not serve me.

I hope this is helpful and I send Blessings to you all with love.

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