I was born, like so many others, to a large dis-functional family. Feeling unwanted and referred to as a black-sheep I fell into all the trappings many of us do.

Isolation, various addictions, loneliness, lack of commitment and various abuses became a great signature of my identity but not my true self. No one could ever know or understand what was calling to me from within. I realized at a very young age they actually didn’t care to know.

I began to develop what I came to know as my ‘story‘, who I believed I was or more simply put as my identity. Regardless of the ‘story’ it had absolutely nothing to do with the truth of who Dosi always was and is. It took decades to push aside the lies I was told by others about my Truth.

I eventually realized I AM only GOD’s child as there is nothing more. And all of God’s creations are perfect. To know and believe this Truth is to understand my ‘story’ doesn’t matter. It not only has no meaning but, simply is not important or the Truth of me. 

Ergo: I AM D.O.S.I.   Dedicated – One With God – Soul Searching – Inspired. I know today my life is an example of how to grow spiritually every day in love as the great masters have taught us. None of us are perfect however, we strive to recognize our errors and correct them. I am a work in progress.

I LOVE MY LIFE and I pray you do to.